Warrington Equestrian Centre

Warrington Equestrian Centre

Warrington Equestrian Centre is located just outside Kilkenny City. We are a family-run business providing riding lessons to all ages.

We are located just outside Kilkenny city on the banks of the River Nore. 

The Warrington History

 Warrington Riding School traces its roots back over 40 years when it was established by Tom and Anne Maloney. What began as a modest riding school has since blossomed into a leading riding school just outside Kilkenny City

In the late 1980s, recognising the growing enthusiasm for equestrian sports, Tom and Anne made a significant leap forward by constructing the current building with its indoor arena, shop and canteen. The transformation was a pivotal moment in the journey of Warrington Equestrian Centre, as it paved the way for the growth of the business.

Today, Warrington is a leading riding school in Kilkenny, known for its dedication to nurturing equestrian talents. The school is a place for riders of all levels of experience to hone their skills but also a hub for various leagues and events, making it an important part of the local equestrian community.

The Maloney family is synonymous with excellence in the showing world, representing Ireland in national, european, and international events. Their commitment to the sport and their horses has been nothing short of remarkable. A crowning achievement was Richie Maloney’s triumph in the prestigious Aga Khan Cup in 2012, a testament to their dedication and the depth of talent within the family.

Today, Warrington Riding School is led by Marie Maloney, who continues to champion the family’s tradition of excellence and passion for equestrian sports. Marie’s leadership ensures that the legacy of Warrington & Top Flight Equestrian remains strong, and the dedication to quality, education, and community continues to thrive.

Our Facilities. 

Indoor Arena

Our indoor arena is a hub of activity, providing a sheltered and controlled environment for riding and training, regardless of the weather. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your skills, engage in lessons, or simply enjoy a leisurely ride, our indoor arena is designed to accommodate your needs.

Nestled within the indoor arena is our welcoming canteen, a place to relax, refresh, and connect with fellow riders. Grab a bite to eat, socialize with friends, or simply unwind after a productive riding session.

Outdoor Arena

For those who prefer the open air, our outdoor arena offers the perfect setting for learning to ride. It’s an ideal space for riders to practice and enjoy their time in the saddle.

Paddocks & River Nore

Surrounding our equestrian centre is the breathtaking Kilkenny countryside, which includes expansive areas along the River Nore for our horses to graze and our riders to explore.


Our Equestrian Shop

We have an equestrian shop on site. It is open …. and members of the public can visit during our opening hours.

We also have an online store where you can browse all our products from the comfort of your own home. Products on our website are in stock and items pruchase before 12pm will be dispatched the same day via An Post


 We run a range of indoor and outdoor equestrian events through the year. From Showjumping Ireland eague event to our annual Christmas Show, we have plenty for everyone. See our upcoming event on this link