Our Equestrian Brands.

As a working equestrian centre we like to think we know a little bit about horses and their riders. We have grown to know what they like from both a fashion sense and also what works practically when out tending to your animals or spending time with them. The brands we work with are the brands that we use ourselves because of their durability and comfort.


Kingsland Equestrian

Kingsland was started in 1999 in Norway, Kingsland produces high-quality equestrian clothing such as Jackets, competition wear, and for equestrian lovers. Kingsland clothing is outstanding quality but also highly practical for horse lovers blended with modern design. We stock the following Kingsland products. A wide range of kids, ladies wear and unsex jackets. We also have a with range of Kingsland Jackets and show wear. Everything listed here on our website we have in stock.


Ariat ireland

We first came across the Ariat brand with their high-quality footwear. We have footwear that we love and wear ourselves. Their footwear is both comfortable and durable. Ariat success is from the way they integrate their athletic shoe technology into their riding boots. Ariat produces quality products such as footwear, jackets, sweatshirts and accessories. We currently stock a wide range of Ariat Products such as footwear, Accessories, Jackets, and breeches for both men and women.


pikeur logo ireland

We stock Pikeur because of their dedication to quality, innovation, and style in equestrian clothing and accessories. Pikeur’s reputation for excellence precedes them, as they consistently deliver high-performance gear that meets the demands of both professional riders and enthusiasts alike. We stock the following Pikeur products jackets and raincoats, Fleeces and body warmers, Polo shirts and shirts. for both men and women.


samshield logo

We stock a wide range of Samshield riding helmets as it is the number one choice of many of our users. They love Samshield and we do to. Our riding helmets are always in high demand, we have our standard range but also are an authorised fitter and can fit a riding helmet to your specific needs. In addition to our range of helmets we also stock a range of Jackets, accessories, shirts and breaches. Samshield competition wear is designed with the modern rider in mind, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality to make them look good while performing in competitors.

Charles Owen

Chalres owen logo

Charles Owen riding hats and helmets are made in the UK by experienced professionals using the highest quality materials. They’re certified to make sure they meet the highest standards.


eskadron logo

Eskadron has built a solid reputation for producing premium horse equipment and apparel that meets the demands of riders at all levels, from amateurs to professionals. With a focus on innovation, durability, and functionality, Eskadron are continually growing in the equestrian world